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  1. How long can I leave my ferrets for?

    My wife has now arranged for a house sitter who will come and live in the house while we are away so she will look after the dogs and see to the ferrets too. In all fairness I hadn’t considered the ferrets knocking the water off or the water freezing Thanks for the comments guys BBB
  2. Hi guys. I have a 1 week holiday booked in the Winter and was thinking about how long I can leave my ferrets for. I have 2 young ferrets and I know that they will eat a rabbit from head to toe in about a week and if I leave 2 water feeders these will easily last longer than a week. To date - I haven’t left them for longer than 10 hours without going to them, getting them out, cleaning out etc so I don’t know how long they would last without me. Im kind of thinking that if I gut their hutch and leave them a frozen pigeon and a fresh rabbit on the day that I leave then they would be fine but that would feel a little cruel. Would love to hear other people’s opinion and what they do. BBB
  3. Ferreting

    Mine are 6 months old and I took them both out on Friday and Sunday. Both bolted and worked the warrens very well. My Hob was over keen (basically wouldn’t come back to me and kept on going to ground when I got anywhere near him). But the Jill was steady as you like. A little hesitant at first but bolted 3 rabbits and was happy to come back to me frequently. Couldnt be happier with them
  4. BASC or Gunplan

    Hi guys. Applied for my shotgun licence and would like to get some insurance but not sure whether or not to go with BASC or Gunplan. Gunplan is a lot cheaper so I’m leaning toward them but would like to hear other people’s thoughts. Thanks BBB
  5. Crow shooting red letter day

    Good video - I really enjoyed watching that
  6. Honey badger x

    I bet that he's not gentle in the warren
  7. Honey badger x

    That is one bulky ferret
  8. What are you feeding yours?

    Will they eat raw eggs and the shell?
  9. First taste of feather ....

    Looks like nice Dog. What’s in her?
  10. First taste of feather ....

    Pheasants are for shooting
  11. What are you feeding yours?

    I usually remove the guts from a rabbit when I put one in but the last 2 times I have put the rabbit in whole and the ferrets have eaten the guts (along with everything else including the fur).. is this okay?
  12. What are you feeding yours?

    Been feeding my ferrets a combination of pigeons, magpies, crows and rabbits. Very occcasionally they will eat ferret food (if for some reason I can’t feed them a dead animal). 90% of the above diet is pigeons (shot by shotgun). But I was wondering if this is a good diet or do I need to add anything else? BBB
  13. Ped whippet pup's coming on

    Great work! No nonesence
  14. Quick video of the pup

    What you need is a good whippet mate. A whippet would of caught that rabbit with ease lol
  15. Ferret housing during winter

    Hi guys this will be my first winter with ferrets and I was wondering if any of you guys move your ferret cage into the shed or garage etc when the weather gets really cold? with the weather turning I have already made sure that they constantly have a full nest of hay but I wasn’t sure what to do when it gets mega cold BBB