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  1. My beddy Wheaton whippet grey bitch 9months now!!
  2. Anybody compared the clulite lazerlite led til the plr500?
  3. Handy we dog got a beddy Wheaton whippet greyhound here 7 1/2 months old looks very similar to yours.. All the best with her!
  4. That's good to no has anybody tryed the lightforce enforcer led? Would need to be good for the money 160pound!!
  5. Thanks she's coming on wel good recal and retrieve with her and definitely not backward at anything she does!
  6. thanks gona take my time with her next season a long way away.. Had a collie bull grey but he didn't work out! Try something different always had bull croses so be nice to see how she turns out.
  7. Jus bought this pup of a friend bout a month ago.. She is a beddy Wheaton whippet grey 22ins at 7 months old
  8. See the whole kit on ebay lamp and battery pack for 150pound
  9. That would be great.. They say the beam is wider than the 150 an its better with red lens but its hard to no what til do the 150 is a handy lamp..
  10. I'm looking about a new lamp I had the tracer 150 led waz great lamp for running rabbits with the dogs.. Jus would like to hear peoples opinions on the new lazerlite led?
  11. Thanks foor good comments appreciate it..
  12. Yea I'm very happy with him so far never had collie in my lurchers before always bull grey.. ano brother has the sister an she's turning into a fine animal 7months now an just over 26ins..
  13. My pup ready for the season have him two months now hes 15months His mother half collie half grey an father 5/8 grey 3/8 bull. My pup I had had to be put down that had the cow hocked back legs wel his front legs splaed out there was something wrong with his spine.. So hopefully this boy goes well for me.
  14. Cheers.. That bitch of your's is a nice racey bitch all the best with her!
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