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  1. Never Underestimate.....

    I bought Yellow Jackets when I first got the Magtech over ten years ago. Magtech subs were taking rabbits out to 60 yards on an infested farm and the Remingtons gave me another 20 yards on the same zero. They were deadly for chest shots to about 90 yards. Having decimated the rabbit population, I then bought my CZ HMR, which made the Magtech redundant on that farm. I carry three ten shot Magtech magazines, one colour marked to indicate the yellow jackets, which have taken a few foxes on another farm and although noisy, still take the occasional rabbit. I was waiting for rabbits with the RWS subs, when the vixen in the pic stepped out.
  2. Never Underestimate.....

    The farm where I shot the vixen is at the end of a lane, which is often used to "rehome" urban foxes by do-gooders. The lady owner used to feed one that came to her door each day, until it maimed one of her ducks. I now have instructions to shoot all foxes on sight. Up to 40 yards with subs in the Magtech, 50 with yellow jackets and with the CZ452 HMR to avoid runners.
  3. Never Underestimate.....

    A thirty yard head on shot in the bib stopped this goose killing vixen. An underestimated rifle, the Magtech 7002 semi auto, firing RWS subs dropped it in one, when it stepped out from the side of a barn into the light.
  4. Went out yesterday afternoon with the HMR for some rabbits. Settled down on a hill for some long shots overlooking a reliable warren. After an hour had shot four and went down to pick them up. Two had bad myxi round the eyes, but were still feeding. The other two were clear and in good condition, so took them. Chucked the myxi pair. What a waste of meat. This was in South Bucks.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. Considering that this was an accidental dish, it is now on the favourite list. With no courgettes left in the garden, we doubled up on the sweet peppers and the onions this week, adding the rest of the cider near the end of baking (less a glass for the cook!) Easy to prepare and easier to eat. I need to go out and shoot a few more rabbits now.
  6. Nearly Cider Time.

    My rig for cider making is a wooden frame, with a baking tray in the bottom to catch the juice, a couple of bits of pine shelf to crush the pulp and a bottle jack to provide the power. The chopped apples go in a garden shredder to provide the pulp, which drops into a bowl. The pulp goes into some window net curtain parcel, which is put between the bits of shelf. More info in my blog. http://www.urbanfieldsportsman.com/index.php/cider-making/
  7. We were getting ready for a family BBQ with a couple of young rabbits the main attraction, with loin kebabs and marinated legs, alongside bunny burgers. Then it tipped with rain and thunder, so a quick change of plans saw the rabbits and kebab peppers, courgette and onions tipped into a baking tray and put in the oven. This turned out to be a very tasty dish. Half a pint of my homemade dry cider half way through the cooking process adding to the flavour. The full recipe is on my blog. http://www.urbanfieldsportsman.com/index.php/baked-rabbit-with-peppers-and-courgettes-sunday-roast/
  8. Nearly Cider Time.

    A very good year for apples, so far I've been given boxes of apples of all types. Not been out to get any crab apples yet, it all seems a bit early. I usually make my cider in October.
  9. I took the HW100 out at dusk yesterday for a short sniping session at the sports ground around the pavilions and shot three of the four rabbits I saw, all at 25 to 30 yards. Without a torch, the blue illuminated graticule worked a treat, helping to deliver clinical head shots. I was using 19 grain H&N Baracuda Extremes. Silent, but deadly. I now know what all the fuss is about with these rifles. Excellent.
  10. I said it was worth a lot more, but he said he was happy with that. He has just sold his house. Maybe he knows what my new neighbours are like and felt guilty. HaHa. Told you I was too embarrassed to say what I paid. Had a laugh at the comments you guys posted up. He also came round later with a Deben 300 torch and gun mount, a set of metal targets and a new tin of JSB Target pellets. Just waiting for my house to be struck by lightning, or swept away in a flash flood!
  11. £200. He wouldn't take any more. That's why i gave him the extra £50 for the 7 litre air bottle. Said it was only cluttering up his office and knew that I would use it. TBH I can't wait to try the illuminated scope on the rabbits at the cricket field.
  12. I tried it out yesterday on my garden range. The sights were way off, but zeroed in ok. The illuminated scope is top quality and no mucking about with screwdrivers to adjust windage, etc. Shot 4 magazines worth. Set at 25 yards was putting holes in I could push my little finger through. (small hands!) This morning he came round and said a figure I'm too embarrassed to repeat here. Gave him another £50 for the bottle. The gauge is top quality too. Surplus to requirements really, but will be ideal for my sports ground permission sniping. So there you are, I'm now an HW100 Sport owner. Thanks for the imput guys.
  13. It is the full size rifle with16 inch barrel. Just looked again, it is a HW100 Sport with Hull Cartridge on the side. The divers bottle is 7 litre with a 2013 date stamp, so I guess that's the age of the rifle. He's given it to me to try out. It's a lovely bit of kit and might be tempted. If it had been the lighter carbine, I'd have been straight round to the cash machine.
  14. My neighbour is moving and offered me a .22 HW100 with a Hawke Panoramic 4 x 12 scope, 16 inch barrel and Walnut Thumbhole stock with bipod, plus a divers bottle. It's in very good condition. He is not a shooter, but took it as part payment for work that he had done. Compared to my Webley Viper Venom carbine it feels top heavy, but shooting off the bipod would counteract that. I don't need another air rifle, having an FAC Career 707, but he is saying make me an offer and have no idea what it is worth. I would use it for pest control. Any ideas?
  15. Not too many comments on their use then. Seen and handled a couple of Savage .17 WSM rifles. The standard synthetic stock felt weak and floppy. At the time of application to renew my license, 8 months ago, HMR rounds had been in very short supply and were more expensive than the .17WSM. Also was hoping for CZ to announce a .17WSM. Don't want to go to CF.