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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking at making some pheasant burgers over the weekend and wondered if anyone could offer me any good recipe ideas... Thanks
  2. Anyone off to the Midland this year? I'm thinking of having a look round on Sunday, looks like the weather is going to be good as well.
  3. Not sure what it’s like for the rest of the country but having trouble in Northamptonshire finding a place who’ll take our birds, couple of chaps who run other shoots I know are having the same problem, the game dealer we used to use has packed up! If anyone in Northamptonshire Area has a market for them please let me know! I’m not being part of a shoot that chucks away birds! You have to question what and why your doing it if it comes to that...
  4. Pheasant burgers

    Worth a try then mate I'll put up a post once I've done some and the ingredients.
  5. At our shoot I have fenns in tunnels like the above photo to catch squirrels going to and from feeders and have great success with them set like this. I was checking them yesterday whilst feeding and noticed that I had caught a stoat in one. Also it was caught facing downwards which would suggest it had been trapped whilst coming down from the tree... has anyone experienced anything similar before...? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks very much for the offer Rob! Much appreciated, but I think I’ve got a home for them now 👍
  7. I’ve herd young guns say, “oh no I don’t want a brace I wouldn’t know what to do with them” made me very angry! Saying that though that was only the opinion of 1 gun out of 9
  8. I’ve seen they sell well at Melton but we afoot every other Tuesday and Tuesdays is when Melton’s fur and feather bit is on isn’t it? After the beater/ guns have what they want we are left with 120-150 so I may get myself a second hand drinks chiller put some racks in it and then in my own time breast some and pluck/ skin others and try sell them to butchers or privately to people.
  9. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Nearly sat still for long enough for two photos haha!
  10. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Cheers mate, yer she’s coming on really well!
  11. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    Heres my rabble!! cocker bitch, nearly two, started off doggin in and shes doing really well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. An Unexpected Victim!

    I take it you wont be dismayed about this 'non target' ,.....cause its also on your 'hit' list ? (might possibly, have been helping you with the 'tree rats', though ?) Haha! No definitely not worried! The entrance holes have been narrowed so nobody can say I haven’t mitigated for no target species but this definitely isn’t a non target species!
  13. An Unexpected Victim!

    Interesting set. Can i ask, how is the trap stabilised with this set up? Not sure if you can see from this photo Ive zoomed in on but where the two wooden supports go across to keep the trap lined up I have knocked a nail into each corner to hold the trap up, nothing technical but it does the job! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just wondering on people's opinions on this bird puller, I brought a bucket at the Midland to try it. Have any of you used it and if so what do you think of it? Cheers Jarvis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The answer there is then don’t let the feeders get empty! I’ve just read the ingredients in the poult pellets we use and they have traces of it in them...
  16. Alright Rob, I’ve done a similar thing. Put two feeders next to each other in each pen,one with the stuff in one without to see which one goes down quicker
  17. Black Fallow Buck

    We have Black (Melanistic) fallow where I live in Northamptonshire and they have the same size palmate antlers as any other fallow colouration I have seen.
  18. Thanks very much for your thoughts chaps, some good points. Daily dogging in seems to be doing the job. I’m still feeding pellets in the pens and wheat outside the pens and it really seems to be bringing the birds back in well in the evenings.
  19. Fallow Deer Stalking In East Sussex

    Funny, that's what I heard as well There are a handful of reds around Northamptonshire which have escaped from farms. I saw a massive red stag last winter in Towcester. We also have some fallow near us two, I took a buck two weeks ago, the bugger had realised that if he tipped our top hats off our feeders he had an endless supply of wheat! I even recorded him doing it!
  20. It doesn't actually say what's in it, it says natural spices but I can defo smell aniseed in it! We don't have huge problems with wondering birds but It's more that the shoot next door puts down way less birds than us and then puts cover crops and feeders all along ours and their boundary to attract our birds so my thought was to perhaps try a bit of this stuff mixed in the wheat to entice them back. Obviously regular dogging in is a big thing but thought this may also help...
  21. Haha! Me and my old man came to the conclusion whilst driving home that going every year is not necessary! You know you've been too many times when you don't need the site map and unless you want a Realtree jacket (which I think 90% of stands were selling) perhaps going every 3 years is enough...
  22. I think they are all the same really hence why I normally just go to the Midland now. I think it's more of a working mans show than 'The Game Fair' and others with terriers and lurchers rather than hot tubs and summer houses, providing you can dodge the gypos!
  23. In position ready and waiting! Hopefully the foxes play their part tonight! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Ready And Waiting...

    It's my own little piece of heaven, I think my missus thinks it's her's too the amount of time I spend up there out of her hair so she can watch every bloody soap on the box!!!
  25. Ready And Waiting...

    A picture paints a thousand words Jarvis , get sum up mate Atb Don't tend to take pictures of what I shoot David if that's what you mean but heres some nice snaps of the view from one of my high seats from last week... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk