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  1. Mink diving on a small fish

    Stunning piece Rob.
  2. Brown Hares Boxing

    Nice work Rob
  3. A European Wolf

    A Wolf commission.
  4. Grey Fox Mount.

    My latest Grey Fox mount.
  5. My Latest Fox Mount.

    My latest fox.
  6. A Mandarin Duck

  7. A Fox Cub

  8. An English Partridge.

    Thank you , sorry this is a commission.
  9. A New Fox Mount

  10. Latest Muntjac Mount

    My latest muntjac mount.
  11. Another Fox

    A new fox.
  12. Latest Fox Wall Mount

    A commissioned fox wall mount.
  13. My Latest Fox Mask.

    My latest commissioned fox mask.
  14. Pair Of Stoats On A Mouse

    Bell is talking about Mike Gadd and he is one of the best taxidermists in the country.