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  1. Fresh Meat Round The North East

    durham animal feeds check out there site,good grub atb mc
  2. Whippet X

    pups are blank canvas,s what you get out is what you put in pick a one you like and go from there,depends on a lot of factors,land ,quarry,daytime nightime ,both,etc and your bond and level of skill atb mc
  3. Whippet X

    depends on trainer
  4. R.i.p "indie"

    sad loss mate, but if you keep livestock,you have got to accept deadstock,atb mc
  5. Bedlington X Whippet

    rather a pup went to a good pet home than a bad working home to get passed around and abused,atb mc keep lookin
  6. Hunting Tattoos

    sounds a good idea have you any pictures fullmoon nah mate,was going to get one on my neck and buy some trainers then summer hunt instead, lol
  7. Hunting Tattoos

    if you have a bald head ,get a rabbit tattoed on it,from a distance it,ll look like a hare
  8. Aggressive saluki

    Sounds very handy,I certainly wouldn't have a problem with those traits. suits me fine, i like my own company
  9. Lady Luck Came A Knockin

    have a good bonding summer atb mc
  10. Hard Work

    some cracking dogs on there mate atb mc
  11. Perms

    start walking then,or do you want them to come to you ?? wont find anything on here
  12. Can Lads On Here Vote No For Ban

    done,and if everyone on this site dont vote theres no point being on here atb mc
  13. no problems with mine,atb mc
  14. Turkish Salukis..

    The mother is a lot stronger built, if you do a search you'll find pics and topics on her, speed maybe not up there with the best, but definetly no slouch, but they do stay, in the right hands they could do a really good job for someone, I don't pretend to be the "right hands" lol, but never seen a dog so agile and not afraid to go up a gear when hitting heavy cover or rocky out crops nice dog mate,atb mc