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  1. as the tile says what do you fellas feed your running dogs ? mine has a delicate stomache so im thinking of changing . he has beta dry kibble at moment. I would prefer to still use kibble of some desciption cheers Dan
  2. aya yeoman 12 bore o/u

    Time Left: 11 days and 29 minutes

    • FOR SALE
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    28 inch barrells 1/4 and 1/2 in good working condition tight action £175 essex


  3. aya yeoman 12 bore o/u

    aya yeoman 12 bore o/u View Advert 28 inch barrells 1/4 and 1/2 in good working condition tight action £175 essex Advertiser DanielG Date 21/01/18 Price £175.00 Category Shotguns  
  4. it was very tame they were walking it on a lead
  5. uk wild boar distribution

    there was one living on mersea island essex, it was solitary so couldnt breed. and there was a sighting in gt leighs near chelmsford
  6. Beach roamers

    yes mate
  7. Beach roamers

    errhh ! not sure the one in the town centre where you can sit or take away ?
  8. Beach roamers

    the chip shop at southwold is good as well,but not as good as aldeburgh i like the suffolk coast
  9. Beach roamers

    best chip shop ive ever been to that is
  10. Rabbits give worms?

    what about other raw game meats ? always give my dogs deer meat straight from carcass ? cheers Dan
  11. A bad Monday

    sorry to hear that mate hope she gets better
  12. Extinct animals

    i would think it would work bobcats live alongside cougars ok ,and lynx live alongside cougars ok so i would guess lynx and wildcats would be the same. ? but proofs in the pudding i suppose cheers Dan
  13. good night's moochin

    dont hide it, like a dirty little secret, thats what got it banned in the first place. shove it down there throats and feck em
  14. kodiak island has most of the record book Brown bears,Vancouver island has most of the record book black bears
  15. they can carry a dead moose over there shoulder