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last local mooch

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after all the snow we have just had we arranged a day with the ferrets a final reconing if you like ;) i took the terrier to mark the setts and to save time we ferreted a grass paddock and as these few pics show we had a good few bolts for a change :)








we were getting between 4 and 5 rabbits out of each sett all bolting :D

even the odd dig we had we were pulling 3or 4 at a time out of stop ends the action was non stop ;)














we had a cuppa at half eleven and we had 33 rabbits :) after tea we decided to work along a railway embankment and then along the side of a country lane a few more pics of the day






the final tally was 55 this is my terrier with the fruits of her efforts shes worth her weight in gold to me ;) the boys and me good hunting all woodga


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Guest Geordie

Job well done again Mr.Woodga :D 4 - 5 out of each sett????? I only managed 5 all afternoon and 2 of them managed to get away :haha:

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Fecking cracking pic's and a good do out good on ya.. :good: ...them ferret's deserved a well earned rest now mate ready for next season... :yes:...and good to hear you didn't have to dig a million hole's...also it's good to see foxy getting hold hold of them bunnies instead of letting them escape... :lol:  :rocker: ..




i got a good video :lol: makes interesting viewing :good:

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Nice pics Woody ..... :good:

nice to see you getting in the hedgerow......beats that nice open warrens Ferreting, dont it mate...... NOT! :)


well done Chap...


Lamps ..

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