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How unlucky am i?

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I dont know if many of you remember but back in feb my bull x max broke his leg, he's on a slow road to recovery anyway.

Me and MINNIE have been a walk out with the dogs today just knockin rabbits out the hedges with the terriers for the lurchers blue my bull whip grey had already coursed an caught 1 then as we were making our way to the next set of hedges, blue had gone round a corner, when all we heard was him scream.

Running over to him he was walking back to me covererd in blood, then he collasped and died there and then. Wondering what the f**k had just happened i looked at a puncture wound on his chest and an exit wound near his hip. He'd impalled himself on a reinforcing rod that was sticking out the ground. He was only 9 months, an had the makings of an excellent dog he'd caught nearly 30 rabbits to date. It always happens to the best dogs.

Im absolutly gutted as you can appreciate. Im happy he did not suffer or that i had to make a hard decision.


You'll be hard to replace Blue R.I.P my friend.

shit one! RIP Blue :cry: say hi to 'Kipper' my old deerhoundxgreyhound for me

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know the feeling mate,lost my dog skye on the road,and tarn broke her nack in a freak accident,lucky i have film footage of both my dogs as memories ,sorry for you mate ,the lamper me mate mark has just had mouse the dog in the last 3 films impaled on reinforcing wire,but she was lucky enough to survive,jim the lamper

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I know who you are jim will come say hello at one off the shows. Cracking dvds i loved them. One day you will all see a little footage of blue not good quality but ive got some.

All the best.


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Just had a great night out at the fell and moorland meeting chris so ive toasted to blue's short life!!! All the best mate.


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