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Keep em peeled

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Hi Wilf,

Ive had a hard weekend saving us from the opposition, also trying to find poor tuffty's dog


Just relaxing now,






After doing the housework that is.






A Yelnrubians work is never done :victory:


Keep em peeled guys :thumbs:

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Depends what your dreams are Kay, if they include disposing of Antis or poloticians then I will give it my best shot,


I have more outfits Andrea, keep em peeled girl :thumbs:


my kind of super hero :clapper::clapper: . keeps one outfit for work and several for entertainment purposes :laugh::laugh::laugh: .

i think i've died and gone to heaven...no, yelrub :laugh::laugh::laugh:

good bless you Cammo Man

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I go away superhero'ing it for two days , come back and the mothership is in a real state








Keep em peeled guys and gals


f*****g Priceless :clapper:. the Motherships looking good Cammoman! just how do you manage to keep all that Crockery in one peice when Warp Speeding back to Yelnrub :hmm:;)......

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