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    why is thay so many wanker out there

    Im definately not gay . Ask your wife . But then again you wouldnt ride her into battle :sick: Name and shame
  2. gavmac

    great night

    i thought so he should now be deleted as a complete time waster from the board and more like him as well,mark Mark youve also got previous for not being totally truthfull with some of your pics. 5 foxes at this time of year with a dog that knows what its doing and not getting tagged is not impossible . But have to agree that some of the foxes are a few days old and if you see a fox that has been killed by a dog the next day the skin under the white bit on the throat will be a blue green colour from obvious reasons .
  3. gavmac

    what the point in deerhound xs

  4. gavmac

    what the point in deerhound xs

    A 1/2 bull x would piss on any 1/2 deer anytime . Bull crosses are the ultimate ;urcher
  5. gavmac


    Have to agree the hare in the stubble is bang on . I once watched a hare run up a fence post and attack a buzzard . I like when you see a hare with its ears up and skipping when a dog is behind it, then the ears go back the skipping turns into a full powered run and the dog starts to turn it . They come a close second for me behind otters
  6. gavmac

    Top Foxing Lurchers

    imo .. they dont come near the class of what i call an out and out fox dog.. i dont think they could handle 5 fox a night.. i know full wel you could show *for arguments sake.* a decent bullx a fox they'd nail it. and still be able to do 4 other in fields to come. where as with a saluki.. i dont think it could handle the work but every coin as 2 side.. a bullx wont run a hare daytime like a saluki will.. I know of a few saluki blooded dogs out there that would do everything most bull cross will do . But most bull crosses will not do everything they will do .
  7. gavmac

    Top Foxing Lurchers

    I would agree half bull grey cause the fox imo is the slowest of all the quarry pre ban so speed is not important
  8. gavmac


    isnt that the same photo as Sako.243 posted on page 4 Aye
  9. gavmac


    Thats a fecking monster that one well done youd be a fecking monster too if youd been eating crispy duck and chicken chow mien everyday
  10. gavmac


  11. gavmac


    24lbs the biggest fox ive ever got and ive had a few . In absolute prime condition and was a duck and chicken killer.
  12. gavmac

    bull gray

    that'll be 1/2 then
  13. gavmac


    One in the pink and 2 in the stink is my favourite movie