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Back on the lettuce patrol!

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The farmer that myself and my mate shoot for asked if we could have a look at night over his newly planted lettuce. The hares are a real problem for him, they destroy vast amounts of his crops. We decided tonight would be a good time to have a look and so we went about 10,o,clock. Sure enough the hares had found them and where in the process of going down the rows and nipping the centre’s out. I had taken the ruger precision hmr for the job. It has a Drone prox10 on it and I used the Solaris SRX laser with it. The little hornady 17 grain v max’s did an excellent job on them. I managed to shoot ten the closest of which was 90 yards and quite extraordinarily the furthest was 258 yards. I really like this little rifle for these type of jobs. It is light years better than the cz hmr I had before. Not decrying CZs because I think the second hand one I had was probably on the verge of being shot out.


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Coincidentally 258 is my longest with HMR.

One time only, not sure I've ever been past 200 other than that (In the field).

I mentioned it, being very pleased with myself, to a RFD a while later and he said his best was 285!

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15 hours ago, FOXHUNTER said:

Great shooting.  Out of interest what was the holdover for 258 yards?

To be honest i couldn't tell you in inches. The reticule on the Drone that i use is a tiny cross in the centre of the screen almost like a dot. I just see a sight picture that i am happy with and shoot, a bit random i know but it works for me.

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