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What is a good night vision or infra red set up to use on a .22 rf ?  For rabbits etc ? Is it an add on or a seperate scope ?

I have no idea about these things 

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Hi @Bootsha, I personally use a Sytong HT-66. They are just a Pard NV007 copy or variant, and in New Zealand they come at about 2/3's the price of the Pard.


I find mine works very well but as with all clip-on's, they can be a bit fiddly at night in the field. They have an advantage in that they can be easily swapped out between a number of rifles and there is no zeroing process. They are meant to be used with a scope that has parallax adjustment but at a pinch I have used them on scopes with a set parallax. 

Best way to find out about them other than getting your hands on one, is to immerse yourself in all the clips and reviews on Youtube; there is no shortage of those.

Very quickly you will find there are pro's and con's between the clip-on and the standard mounted device. You just have to work out what features you must have, what you can do without, what you can put up with, and align all of that with how deep your pockets are. Be warned, dipping your toe into the Night Vision world is like going over the event horizon of a black hole - there is no bottom and it is so addictive it is very hard to climb back out. 🙂 🙂 😆 



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6 hours ago, Sausagedog said:

I use a sytong 66 and really like it. I tried a pard 007 but returned it!


1 hour ago, villaman said:

The original pard 007 are fantastic but all the new models including the v are no where near as good imo

Yes, here in New Zealand there is or was a following of two camps, those firmly in the Pard corner and those in the Sytong corner. I think that has died away to a point now, one, because the Sytong franchise discounted their prices nationally but the Pard franchise wouldn't move on price; and two, with thermal getting so much cheaper, more hunters and pest control agents are choosing that option. Also, the pest animals we shoot at night tend more to be pig and deer and often at longer ranges and in bush which the thermal is better suited than NV.



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Oneleaf Commander NV100. I have the 12mm model and it is excellent. Cost me £205 delivered direct from Oneleaf. Delivery, one week. I have one of the original Pard 007's, but find the Oneleaf image better.

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