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Windy night

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Only the one tonight lads 

Sent Jay out to get it with the Vermy and the 008

Ranged it at 75 yrds he came back to me and sayd it was 75 yrds 

He did not feel up to it 

So I got the rifle off him and jumped the fence closed the gap to 39yrds

Took aim and let the slug go it just folded 

One in the bag 

Turned very windy to windy to be honest 

We did have a look round mind fields to wet at one point thought I was going to need a boat lol

Atvbjimmy ???


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22 hours ago, Stevie E said:

I can imagine ? ending up looking 4 inches taller with the mud on the bottom of your boots and slipping on any incline and looking like youve just  fell in a mud pool mate , that's a normal ferreting trip matey?

You got it in one lol

Put my new camo boots on 

They now look like old boots covered in mud 

I was slipping and sliding all over the place even on flat fields lol

Atvbjimmy ???

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