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Permissions wanted

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Im looking for land with permissions for using my ferrets I am new to the sport so starting out simple. 
im looking for local permissions around the northwich Cheshire areas middlewich byley cranage etc. 


Thanks in advance 


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1 hour ago, Gilbey said:

Love the thought process of people asking on here👀

It might be a idea to ask people who don't have ferrets, dogs, nets etc themselves 👍

Like I’ve said tho I’m new to all this so I’m still learning the ropes if ya like 

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It took us years to get all the permissions we have got and we are lucky enough to have thousands of acres of land to hunt and shoot rabbits among other things. we got them from good word of mouth and building up a trust with the landowners this doesn’t happen overnight it takes a long time, so like me the members are not just goi g to give their permissions away to others like yourself. As you say your a beginner it would be better for you to see if a local ferreted to you will let you tag on with them for a couple of trips to learn the ropes, then start knocking some doors ie farms, horse stables, sports fields etc etc then go from there. 

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If the land I walk was holding good numbers I'd have given you a day out and that's best you can hope for on here bud .

Best bet knock some doors and if nothing comes up then find somewhere local and quite and just get on with it .

Shats the worse can happen ,you rabbiting not coursing  .poaching of course but most on here poach anyway 😆

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He could be a young kid as he said I am new to the sport, may be we need to put a topic at the top of this page that stays their giving the newbies some good advice on ways to get permission, and even some basic ferret care ,Hang in there Gareth and stick around you will gain a lot of good advice and tips. I have been getting some great tips on this site and also on the long netting site , but found the long netting a little slow but have found a lot of great advice.

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