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East Yorkshire

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6 minutes ago, TOMO said:

good haul there Trev...as has been said them sand warrens can be a pain....deep...cover lots of area....and wide tunnels..

was out myself yesterday afternoon ...had me kids with me and one of the pups ....had a nice few hours and left with 18 rabbits...and a pup thats learned a little more 

Their not the kind of warrens you work on your own are they mate, thank feck most bolted 🙂. Sounds a good afternoon 👍 It can be fun getting the pups going but they can be a pain too, this little fecker is off it's head 🤣 

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On 01/09/2021 at 15:06, Trev70 said:

I keep both mate , jills for little warrens and when I'm just having a little mooch and hobs when I'm out with mates working large warrens and warrens that you know will have wide tunnels like yesterday on sandy land. The fawn pup as just turned 6 month and only 19'' tts she's ACD x whippet greyhound collie whippet greyhound, the rough bitch is 21'' collie x whippet cross beddy whippet greyhound , the brindle bitch is about 23'' saluki x whippet greyhound put back to a greyhound.

You dogs sound spot on, don't think you can beat lurcher x lurcher from proven parents, my dogs are 1xs,  mine do what there bred for,  but I do think regards the collix  1/4 plenty, you got it just right with breeding👍

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On 02/09/2021 at 00:13, Trev70 said:

Cheers niel , yes they had to work hard to shift them, we had a few digs too and when I broke through on one I could of fit in the tube, I think it would of been a waste of time with jills.

Good job buddy. P.S You need better Jills for enough cash I can ship some over. Doug grins 😉

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