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Ferrets are breeding

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I have 2 hobs and one jill I have been putting each hob in the jill cage for 2 nights each i haven't heard anything or seen any activity I have put the 2 hobs back in same cage and they are grabbing each other's necks what i was expecting them to do to the jill they are all in season any help would be great

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Need to separate the hobs they will do some serious damage if left together all summer. Is the jill properly in season, vagina will be very swollen and obvious. My guess is that she isn’t full “in” yet hence the reason the hobs aren’t that interested yet. My vas hob is in with 6 jills and he ignores the ones that aren’t quite ripe! They all get it in the end though 😉

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Interesting never seen or heard of that before. But again it my not be available in Australia. In the past all I have used is detol which is for humans and that seemed to work well. But I think I will now look more into it as it may not be a good product to use on animals. 

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