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New to this. When I fire her up, it asks me for either my PIN, or my Password.

I'm the only person here. I like to just press the big button and see my internet unfold.

How do I manage that, please? Where is the " Password, every day? Don't be fukking silly! I'm not a public library! " button, please?

Thanks for anyone's patience.

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HaHa, I've been in the same boat with the IMac  system. Everything is the same but called something different. Prepare to spend a lot of time on Google watching a load of useless vid clips that don't show you what you want to know. Or that your just as confused as you were before.  You'll get there in small steps though.

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Thanks, Mush'. Looked in there. I have it set so I don't need to sign in. But, Micky knows best, as always.

One day and I already remember why I so fukking despised the world of Micky (Take The Vaccine!) Soft!

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