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Pad maintenance

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Must admit that when I got my first lurcher in 1980 we never bothered about pads. 40 years on I look at the cracks in our dogs feet and feel the need to put something on so could just be changing attitudes. When I kept horses I found sudocreme useful and cost effective, have used on dog and ferret injuries, its well tolerated and could be worth a go on pads (just don't let them walk on carpet 😅).  If they are genuinely sore agree with above that fitness is something to build and be prepared to take time out if an injury is spotted

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Make sure there's enough fat in the diet. Dogs on low fat diets seem to be more prone to dry/cracked pads. Especially in winter when their feet are often wet and cold. Just like we can suffer from cracked finger tips in cold, wet weather, so do dogs sometimes have issues with their pads.

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