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Thermal imaging by day for vermin

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has used thermal imaging for daytime shooting of foxes rabbits etc. Can it help detect them from hedge rows, brambles, semi thick cover?

Thinking of purchasing one but have no real experience with them and I know most people use them for night shooting. Any help much appreciated. Cheers. 

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Another yes from me, can be really useful spotting stuff in cover or under shady hedges. Buy what you can sensibly afford - lots of great finance deals around from the various retailers. That can make this pricey kit affordable.

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22 hours ago, Blackwood Outdoors said:

Yes use them for finding rabbits in long grass in summer and its very easy to spot hares in there seats also... They can be used night and day but perform best on dry cold days.

If you want one give me a shout and I'll beat any other prices..


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