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NW Cumbria Permission Wanted

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We are based in NW Cumbria and are trying to acquire ferreting permission in the NW region. We have over 15yrs experience and use our products to support local butchers and make our own dog food. We work closely with farmers in supporting there work and also farm ourselves so we have a good understanding of the countryside rules and how to respect the land and biodiversity of nature within Cumbria.

Here is our Facebook page drop us a like or a message anytime.
If you could recommend anyone or places to visit please do so image.gif.c1cd7a04ec87b53acba9ce52e8a2b993.gif
Our email..



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there's lads on here with 150 years experience can't get land. jog on pal. 

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13 hours ago, fred90 said:

there's lads on here with 150 years experience can't get land. jog on pal. 

With ferrets that have been line bred for centuries 😂

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Do you support local shooters I can sell you as many rabbits as you want

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Can’t blame them for trying lol always find it funny tho when people come on a hunting site asking for permission , it’s like asking a gold miner if he can tell you where there any good spots holding a load gold 😂😂

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