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Thermal Spotter For Sale

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i have a Quantum XQ38 its in very good condition it comes with two battery cases

+ 2 New unopened Packs of Duracell Rechargeable Batteries

+ case + strap + 3 button remote im only selling due to an upgrade. Selling for £1100  o.n.o

+ £10 posted which will be sent 24 Special Nextday Delivery  Post To UK Add Only


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    • By Valery
      I want to buy a used thermal imaging scope
      Pulsar XP 50 thermal imaging scope
      or Pulsar trail xq50
      maybe advise some other specialized forums - where they sell used thermal imaging scope?
    • By Blackwood Outdoors
      Pulsar Trail XQ50 models available offering the highest native optical magnification from the Trail model range with a 50mm lens giving better detection, detail and performance in poor weather. Includes all the new features recording, wifi, IPX7 rating, lithium battery pack, compact design, multiple rifle zero memory and firmware upgrades via stream vision app.
      Available now, contact us via the forum for great THL member deals.

    • By kiestone
      I've been interested in some time about investing in a night vision scope and been looking around and I have found that for my price range I have two options: the Yukon photon RT or the ATN X sight 2. They are both similar in price, however the ATN is slightly more expensive out of the two. I've seen them both on airrifleshop.com. I'll leave the links and id love to hear people opinions on what's better, as I'm not fussed paying more for the x sight, its just I've heard the photon RT is mint for the money.
    • By Baldcoot
      Any 1 got 1 yet no reviews anywhere , i know its the base model but it is affordable and the only difference is about 100metre range for another 100 quid over the xq30 all other ratings is the same .If you do have 1 are you happy with it atb and thanks in advance
    • By IanB
      The new Pulsar HD50S has now been released with 2.8x optical lens, an increase over the 2x lens of the HD38S. The HD50S is another £500 on the RRP compared to the HD38S.
      Identical unit but slightly longer detection range, and the lens difference. Anyone tempted..
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