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Furrosious ferreter

Diy net basket

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Anyone on here made your own baskets?

Was thinking of using a paper round bag but abit hi vis.

Then thought of a 25ltr oil can cut to shape.

Or try to make my own out of steel tube/rod.

Anyone got any pics or dimensions?

I aint got money for a new basket just yet so cant get new.

Cheers guys


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I made one a few years ago and posted a little topic on here about it , I made it out of a clothes hanger with a washing bag net lol , can’t fault your thinking with the drum 10/10 

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I also use a couple of barrels for mole trapping, one with my gear in and one with barrel traps in, holds 35. Just over your shoulder, a lot easier than carrying buckets and keeps you hands free, i i was using loads of purse nets i would use one of these, a lot easier than opening a bag all the time.



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