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Mark r

Walk out with the pup

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25BB66F8-2ECB-4DE7-A805-EF3737A30AA0.png.a6bb93855f7e87f470c6e5ea55670a5d.pngTook the pup for a walk and knocked a few bunnies aboutย 1845FC30-4DA3-43C8-AD4B-EC3A5F1E9E12.png.988bd1347d2444bf653f6e82656f1bd2.png

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Looks well mate hope you have some fun with it in the future pal atb longers01ย 

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9 hours ago, martinhalli said:

Cracking little pup pics dnt do it justice pal ๐Ÿ‘

Thanks mate heโ€™s coming on.ย 

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