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T he Dog picked up a toad last night and put it down very quickly , she was uncomfortable for an hour and drank a lot of Water, not a clue why she done it as she usually places a Paw on Frogs and Toads and just sniffs must have been a shock to the system .


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think they excrete a bad tasting liquid ,dont think its poisonous ,just unpleasant

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One of my favorite creatures toads.

I used to have a EBT that would gobble them up on sight, with seemingly no after effects but then, the dog was as mad as a hatter..! 🤪🤮

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A vet told me they carry lung worm like a slug ,

toads definetly give of a poison when picked up by predator and most things will drop it ..

i don't think it do much harm just a yucky taste .


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