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bsa stainless pellet probes

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hi all


I'm after a stainless pellet probe fo my bsa scorpion .177 as mine has been back to bsa for a new one as the nickel plating just peeled off and the its done it again thats two probes on the space of 12 months.

had a look on xtx air website but does not have any .177 right hand in stock so was just asking if there is any where else I can get one from or just wait till xtx gets them back in ?

don't really understand why bsa use nickel plated probes as there rubbish and I bet stainless ones wouldn't cost that much more to produce .

don't know if any one else on here is on the bsaog forum , I tried to register but failed at the last hurdle when trying to get past the mystery letters thing even my tech savvy 15 year daughter couldn't get past it so I gave up .


many thanks 

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Might be worth checking with Ratworks or Airtech to see if they can supply.


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unfortunately no one has the type I need in stock so will probably will have to wait for their cnc machinist to make a new batch .

air tech do a hardened chrome steel one but there quite expensive ( may have to bite the bullet )

cheers for advice 

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have contacted tom too but he dosent have the one I need in stock either , will just have to be patent until a new batch get made.

I might just think sod it and send it to get tuned

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