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  1. Do love my weihrauchs but this impacts something else
  2. Do you mean something like this derv my 77 in 2.2
  3. Yes they are good abit fiddly to set up the shot has to go almost dead centre through it i now use Lmbr 2a accurate and easier to set up
  4. Think I’ll try some In my HW100bp Also in my fx impact mk2 that I will own in a couple of hours
  5. It’ll be ok just DONT do it again
  6. Which ever you choose get plenty of practice in before having a pop at any animal
  7. My 77 likes AAs 5.52 dosent like H+N ftt 5.53 but my R10 did
  8. Nice setup SKoT got the same scope on my 77
  9. It’s a GNIB stock hard to get hold of these days and the tuning was done by Paul Short
  10. Nice shooting pal I’ve just bought a tuned 1990 77 in 22 its a joy to shoot and extremely accurate I’m loving it
  11. Yes a lot the original air cylinder was 170mm long the one in the pics is 325mm plus the fitted tench regulator took it to just 100 shots phil crampton ( Ratworks ) fitted the regulator along with outher tuning i fitted the cylinder from ( airtech )
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