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  1. Phil crampton ( Ratworks ) is you’re man he fits them
  2. 5 pence 30 yards no probs i put the pard on it the other week to get some footage but the file is to big to go here
  3. Buy the pard 008 first and try it on your Hw100 you’ll love it love mine
  4. If it’s ok jimmy leave it ive had 3 with no problems at all i have seen some people have a extra grub screw added down through the scope rail
  5. Just noticed jimmy second from bottom pic serial # on barrel should line up with the one on the action not underneath
  6. There is a chap called rancid Tom nelson who does them
  7. Hi jimmy sorry to hear you’ve lost your mum take care atb garrick
  8. Nice guns iv got a 97k 177 coming in the next couple of days i noticed yours has tbt sticker on it i have the maxi pro kit waiting to go in mine whats in yours jimmy
  9. I used to fill mine to 230 but that was tench redged
  10. I’m not a pistol expert or pistol target shooter but i do have a HW44 and that’s very accurate
  11. KS anyday dont like them plastic rifles but I have got a plastic pistol HW44 DAD N LAD
  12. Here’s 5 shots 15 meters aa 5.52 not bad eh
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