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what is the best barrel length for Anschutz 1416 .22 thumb hole ?
Does accuracy play a part in length?

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I don't know about that particular model, but both my 22lrs have 15" barrels. One was made like that, one was cut down from 20" and it made no difference in accuracy, but helped a lot for shooting out of the truck.

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Any reduction in barrel length will inevitably have an effect on accuracy, and potentially power as well.  It you are shooting in the field at normal .22lr distances you will almost certainly struggle to notice any difference in accuracy though (depending quite how short you go).  Target rifles have long barrels that maximise energy and stabilise the bullet as much as is sensible.  Bullet weights/types and powders all come into this.    

For most .22lr ammo designed for field use I understand the powder will be burnt by around 14-16inches, and most .22lr twist rates are 1-16, I suspect this is why several manufacturers offer minimum of 16" barrels.  In the normal course of events all the powder is burnt and the bullet has had a complete rotation before leaving the barrel.

The best barrel length is the one that suits you and the type of shooting you do!

Manufacturers generally sell rifles with a barrel length that is a good balance of accuracy, power and usability, but some find they need to tailor things more to their own needs.


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My Anschutz 1417 is 14 inch and it’s a very accurate rifle. It will put decent target ammo into one ragged hole at 75 yards easily. Personally, I wouldn’t want another long barrelled rimfire after using the shorter ones for some years now. I’ve got my .17hmr back on track again now as well. It’s 15 inch and shooting CCI TNT’s into less than an inch at 100 yards, which is as good as it was with the 22:1/2 inch original barrel. As for .22’s, the shorter the better for me. If I was having one cut, I’d go 12:1/2 inches for a truck gun. Obviously, it depends on what you get on with, and what it’s intended use will be.

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