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Will my v-sec hob be alright in a 10x5 court with 5 jills?

Im abit concerned that they might gang up on him.

Ive always taken a jill and put it in with him but the mrs wants to put a washing line up and needs the garden space, so ive got to get rid of his hutch (no where else to put it)

Any help?



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You worried they will gang rape him??!! 😂. He’ll be fine mate, I’ve had a vas hob in with 7 jills before he just worked his way through them like a footballer in a nightclub 🤣. Don’t worry about him he’ll have the summer of his life lucky b*****d. 

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No problem mate, I have mine in with 9 Jills and a full Hob, I do seperate the males once the first Jill shows sign of coming into season for breeding purposes, if your not breeding there is no need to take him out he will be fine

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It might work out better mate ive mine in with 10 jills and it just means he wont be at one all the time maybe marking or cutting her , they just do the rounds and sleep most of the summer 

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