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Ted Newgent

My outfiiting bear/deer guiding year 2019 ### pic heavy ####

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7 hours ago, mackem said:

What did the little plaque say below the union jack ted?Did you see any wildlife while you were quadding around?

didnt stop to read it but next time we will for you.


seen loads of whitetail deer down the logging roads,one mulie buck looking a bit worse for wear as he was still shedding his winter coat 

five cow elk feeding in a pasture,loads of ducks n geese (geese had little ones),wolf tracks down the logging roads.

trees still have fully leafed out yet here,its a very slow dry spring.

luckily we didnt get any ticks on us,this time of year is tick season and those little fckrs get everywhere on you,fkcn hate the damn things

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Love it, mate. It makes helping run a little pheasant shoot feel very tame. :laugh:

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