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Target shooting today.

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Not bad for a smoothbore.

(The flyers were me experimenting)

The one in the black was by drawing a finer bead.

Load was.

70grn fine black powder.

Thin card.

Two wet thin leather wads.

.440" ball.

Thin card.

50 good strides.


After went and got a couple of rabbits but loaded with shot.

One at 27 paces and one at 31 paces.


3/4oz of #7&1/2 shot works very well.

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22 minutes ago, shovel leaner said:

Good shooting. I always seem to remember historians and documentaries saying that the old muzzle loaders were inaccurate !! Not the case here , smooth bore too . Were you shooting off hand or with a support or rest ? 

Off hand mate.


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