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Well today was a total result!! 

I went clay shooting near where I live and hit 63ot of 75 clays,

On the way home I saw a huge swarm of crows and pigeons circling a field, I went and knocked on a a nearby house and asked if he knew who owned the field and he gave me directions,

I went and knocked on the farmers door and asked if he knew who owned the field and told him what I had seen and he said that I could shoot when ever I liked ,

obviously I was very happy and just as I was leaving he asked me for a few business cards that had my contact details on to pass around to he other farmer friends,

on the way home I had a call from a farmer saying I could also shoot his land and after I got home I had another call from another farmer asking me to go and see him tomorrow after work to discuss me shooting on his land ,

so when I woke up today I had zero land and now I’m off to bed with 2 possibly 3 new shoots with over 1000 acres 

pretty bloody good day I would say 

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Nice one. It's great when that happens. One afternoon I gained about 750 acres and I didn't even ask anyone. Someone came to my door asking if I'd shoot a fox for him then all his neighbours said I could shoot there land too.

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