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Out again ...

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Today see me and the dog out at just before first light , first real frost with all the exposed fields white , cold easterly blowing is an ideal wind to work with on my Ashdown permission , I’m able to get cover to get me right down to the bottom woods and the margins around them that is normally frost free .. Today was no exception and there was several groups dotted along the edge , first to go was a fairly easy 100 yarder , she was actually out in the field walking towards me , a cough stoped her and she fell to the shot , from where I was I could see clearly she wasn’t going anywhere .. twenty minutes and a bit of ditch crawling see me on the bipod again with a deer spread out from 90 to 200 yards away , normally I would have taken the nearest candidate but a doe with a swelling on her foot and limping gave me little choice, 175 yd body shot see her run just a few yards before tumbling over ..the rest ( about 30) bolted every which way , a couple run my way and when they stopped to look at the fallen doe one presented a 70 yard shot and she fell ..three down before 8am ..


Was easy picking them up  useing the quad trailer as the ground was still dry enough , in the chiller at 64lb 67lb &65 lb 

This afternoon I took a pal out over another place where we need to hit them fairly hard and as we drove down the track there was several bucks and prickets already out , one had lost an antler , and as I watched him it was clear he had also lost an eye , off the bonnet of the truck his bad luck continued ...


In the chiller at 106lb ..busy old day ..






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nice going mate bagging them before 8 am then the work starts LOl

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