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Couple of landowners moaning about deer lately so nothing else for it but to get after them . Half day Friday saw me and George head out to one of my furthest perms with a veiw to calling in elsewhere on way back . Bitter cold wind and typically blowing the way I wanted to go so reverse route saw us glass a group of roe sunning against a hedge . 3 bucks and a doe . A stalk then a crawl got George into position and a neck shotsaw the first deer grassed at just under 100 yds . No pics as very graphic . Met farmer on the way back to the truck who was glad to see something being done , my favourite type of farmer . Onto the next spot with a courtesy call that told us there were deer in the first field  near where I park . A stalk up a ditch put George onto no2 another neck shot at 79 yds to which another got up unseen and ran out into the feild to be dispatch through the heart .moved on after the gralloch as there usually more on another bank but further on . Sure enough there were 3 does in a bit of game cover , 2 sat down . Careful stalk up a hedge and George on sticks this  time . . He wasn’t confident in the wind so I took over and promptly missed a neck shot at 60 yds . Watched the deer run on through bins totally unscathed when George whispered for me to turn left . Another doe was stood broadside in a gateway about 70 yds and I chested here neartly . This morning up early and to a spot I love to stalk. Spotted deer straight away up a hedge so a very slow stalk across frozen ground put me to within 100 yds and in full veiw . On sticks and chested the neArest doe . She piled up ,got up and ran to the ditch and out of sight . Normally I’d give her time but I hurried forward to find a good blood trail headed up the ditch and a dead doe but further on . Shot cleanly though chest . 5 bagged and off to dealers .  Cracking morning out . Lovely sun rise . As I left to drag back a red kite hovered overhead no doubt going to benefit from the gralloch 









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Great morning you had there, love the pics. No missing that blood trail is there!

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I prefer them in snow, they don’t get much clearer, no dog required on this, I didn’t put them all on it was about 70 yd long, doe knew I was there, and stood stamping her feet at me, before the shot,






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