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Yorkshire Ferreter

struggling to keep weight on my springer spaniel

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On 26/02/2018 at 08:51, jessdale said:

Acana is a superb quality complete food, it doesn’t need anything adding to it.


Then the OP is not feeding enough of it. 

You can feed the best food in the world but if the dog doesn’t get enough kcals (you don’t feed a big enough quantity of that food) the dog won’t put no weight on. 

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Tripe is good for a dog but if you feed beef it will put the weight on them. In fact it will over do it and it can be a struggle to keep the weight off them. I buy 5 kilo bags of beef (stew meat) for €2 so it's cheaper than nuts and far better. Mix in whatever you want with it and bobs your uncle.

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