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Well lads, took the Mamba Lite 4 - 16 x 44 off the FWB Sport ready for the new AA Pro Sport.

                      So I`ve now mounted the old Bushnell 4x38 onto the FWB Sport 124 mk1 using Modern Sports Match mounts.


This combination is very well suited, above just setting the scope on a plumb line and spirit level to eradicate any scope cant.

              I`ll zero her to strike a match over the weekend.

              Thank`s again for this free scope Tom ( Burras), If ever I can return the favour. :good:


atb  Mark.


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Aye looks a good pairing 

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Are you dropping magnification by going with that scope Mark?

 ...... I don't know what you had the Mamba set at.


I usually stay at x10 for everything but, I've got a nice little Hawk 4x32 ao that I'm thinking of trying on the FN12 :hmm:

 ....... The thing is, everything looks tiny through it in comparison - a 35yrd pigeon head shot would be a gamble.

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