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Greetings from Warwick

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Hello, I am originally from Bulgaria used to go hunting with my grandfather since the age of 14. Unfortunately school got in the way and then university...I used a 40 pound recurve bow and and an old Parker-Hale rifle. Obviously different laws here and I would like to learn more so I can go back to hunting. From what I understand bows and crossbows are illegal to  hunt with, here in the UK could anyone elaborate on that as I talked to a work colleague who said sometimes farmers would allow bows. A bit confused and really don't want to violate any laws. Other then that I look forward to making some friends who share this passion!

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Welcome aboard mate :thumbs:


Any form of bow hunting is illegal in the UK.

Shotguns and rifles require a license.

Are rifles are probably the easiest way to hunt small game - no license required but, you will need permission from a land owner to hunt on their land, otherwise it's armed trespass - also illegal.


There's a few points to consider but, don't let it put you off.


Good luck.

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