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Location Location Location!

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I don't put much on here lads mainly due to most of my trapping taking place before sunlight. Life is busy, and I suppose you gotta do what ya gotta do. Just thought I'd share this little concept, that might be beneficial to some of you. It's nothing new, in fact it's very simple, but works very well.

 It's all about the importance of location, and how you can make it benificial to your trapping success. Seeking and finding that one spot where every target animal will go. I'm talking mink here, but the same concept can be used for many other animals, including rats. Alot of us do this all the time, without even thinking about it. The more experienced you get, the more you get "an eye for it".

 For instance, i'll walk a riverbank looking for a good place to set a trap. A place where mink are naturally funneled to pass through a particular spot. I'm also looking for places where I can recreate such locations. 

 For instance here I found a spot on the edge of a river where there were a couple of fallen tree's. You can probably only make out one, but there is a second tree at ground level covered and overgrown with grass and debris. Behind the tree's is a little drain running into the main rivers. A nice feature in itself to draw the attention of a mink.



 I checked out the area and found a little hollow under the covered tree. Maybe about two inches of a gap. Now I knew it wasn't been used by mink, but that I could get them to use it. Widen out that little hollow, and block off anything either side of it. Mink like most animals will take the route of least resistance when going from A to B. They'll also usually take the shortest route.

 I apologise for the poor pics, but you'll get the gist. This is the gap under the fallen tree I widened out.


I then set the trap. I'm using a tube trap in this case, but a cubbied Fenn or bodygrip will work just the same.


I find the tubes handy in this situation, because I peg them down, and can remove a kill and reset without moving the trap. Anyway, set the trap, and a wedge of of grass around the trap, and it's done. No bait, lure or anything else. 


I was fortunate enough to have this lad the next morning.


I got five out of six mink at this set. The other one was caught in a baited set further up the bank, on a morning where I also had one in this trap. 

 So it just goes to show if you can pick out these little places, that they can turn out to be deadly. 

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Well done on the Mink Eddie but i cannot make anything out of those pictures.

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1 hour ago, Bunny Digger said:

Looking good to me simple thinking.good on ya, hope you get many more


Been doing well the last couple of months.  We just had a serious amount of rain though last night. My back yard is flooded, and I presume the rivers are too. :angry:

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