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bigmac 97kt

Need A Little Help Lads

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has any one got some steel bar or know where i can get some


its to make a new pin for the hawk im doing for the kids at the shooting club


as you will see by the pics its distorted the hole that the pin sits in so i need to make a bigger one this is due to having to many power washers in her and its pushed the pin back as you will see .


ill have to get the size of the hole now .


i could get a weld on it and grind it back but this will stop any one getting into it if any thing go,s wrong in the future ,


any help would be appreciated.


must say this dose not affect the way it shoots


and the pin dose not move when in the stock now i have removed the washers


it just dose not look right to me and want it spot on for the kids


atvbjimmy :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:



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I don't have anything of that order Jimmy but if you contact any steel stockholder, they will have loads of offcuts which I am sure they would give you. Have a look in yellow pages for steel stockholder and steel fabricators locally mate.



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made one to day still not the same size as the hole but at least its the right length now and dose not slip back and fourth any more


in,fact i had to knock it in with a hammer (lightly mind lol)


had it crono,d to day as well she is sitting at 8fp after i removed the rest of the power washers so just right for the kids


so happy with that


thanks for the offers of help lads


blackdog ill keep you in mind if i need out like this again mate if you dont mind ill add you as a friend


atvbjimmy :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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For future reference Mac,just cut a drill bit down buddy,works a treat .

Thats what i did porno chops


the thing is the hole on the chamber is bigger than the hole on the end cap


but she is sorted now lol


atvbjimmy :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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