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Good Evening

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Good Evening to one and all


Just joined the site thank you for accepting me.


I've been shooting air rifles since I was in short trousers and that was many moons ago.


I shoot mainly Daystate rifles even though the normaly leak straight out of the box lol how ever my main go to rifle is my BSA R10 an amazing bit of kit she never lets me down come rain snow or rarely sun.


I live in Wiltshire right next to Salisbury plain a nice area if you like dodging tanks etc.


I used to live up in Stoke and planned to live back home when I retired from the Army how ever my dear wife had other ideas and bought our house whilst I was away in Iraq not a happy bunny but what can you do just smile and say well done.


I've just ordered a HW100 with the lamanate stock my second HW my first one gave me more trouble than it was worth a right pain in the posterior so to speak. Hopefully the new one is better.

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Welcome aboard mate :thumbs:


I'm also in Wiltshire (Swindon) - it's not a bad ol' place to be really.


I reckon you'll like the HW100ktla :yes:

..... I still regret selling mine.



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