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Putange Trouble Shooting

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I recently bought 20 putanges from Norfolk trapper. I've had a fair bit of success with them but I've had a couple of problems.


Firstly while playing with them I managed to somehow bend the setting tool forks. I managed to straighten them out but I thought the setting tool was a bit flimsy. I've now bought the pliers which seem to be a lot better.


Secondly...out of the 20 traps I can't seem to set 3 of them. When I open them out the jaws are twisting making it impossible to set the trigger. I can set the others no problem so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Anybody else had this problem, if so have you any solutions!!!


Cheers postie

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The tools are flimsy

I put a metal rod up the gap in tool so they can't bend

You can bend the putange back that has twisted

I did it with the setting tool handle


Essentially you want to bend the twist over it self

Edited to add hope that makes sense feel free to pm me

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postie i have a spare setting tool if you want one. its thicker than the one made in france..


just p.m a postal address

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Thanks for the replies lads...


tilimangro...good tip mate, I got the claw hammer on them and gave them a tweak...they're working a treat now thanks.


Smithie...I'll send you a pm mate

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