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A Mixed Bag

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farmer phoned me today and said there was a few pigeons on some laid barley could i do any thing. i was meeting Ian to do a bit of rabbit shooting just pest control and filling the freezer for ferret food . so i decided to put some pigeon decoying equipment in the truck and travel light before i new it couldn't fit anything else in. i met ian about 3.05 and we went for a recky and there was plenty of birds about .so ian made the call on where we was setting up about 800 yards away .we started shooting about 4.20 and the pigeons decoyed straight away.
we had a magnet out 3 floater and 2 flappers .
the birds shot over the laid barley take some finding even 30 yards away we packed in at 8pm with 123 on the clicker and only 68 picked .
we then went on the bunny's Ian shooting me lamping most of the rabbits Ian shot are 3/4 grown but they fill the freezer ended up with 30 ian was using my set up but he soon got his eye in 1f609.png1f609.png
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It was a good day out.Could tell when we got shooting we might be in for a good few hours.Pigeons were still coming in when we were packing up.We managed to get them to decoy in to us really well and they were commiting from a good way from our hide.Had a few right and lefts between us which was nice.

Just rode round shooting the rabbits out of the van.There were plenty about but the vegetation was too long and they were hard to see when they were running among it.Still a lot more rabbits to go at there so plenty for another time and should be some good ferreting there come winter.

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Thats great numbers well done guys

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