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Tips On Biting Puppy

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Got an 11 week old lab pup who loves to chew (obviously) got plenty of chew toys, hide bones, antler etc, however when we are having a bit of play time she just wants to bite my hands and wrists, i'm not bothered by the puncture wounds but need to nip it in the bud sooner rather than later.




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all my spaniels mouthed my wrists but they grew out of it sometimes they will get hold of a cuff when excited as I praise them I would never play fight with a dog just to avoid this sort of behaviour .

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Pups at that age mate are attracted to stimulation with more vigour then is socially acceptable, it not you it's not him it's natures programming , it's actually a reflex you need to work with later in life don't corrupt it


I don't know how long I'm on this site now but for years I've been trying to get folks not to stimulate or play with pups in their home , pups make associations with environments you don't want the pup believing the house is a f***ing playground bud


Inside calm outside play and on that note don't over stimulate the little f****r either

My biggest tip would be hand feed in your space and manage him so he can't f**k up , let him out feed him , piss / shit back in and forget about til the next time , don't over stimulate , whining / barking / anxiety are all signs of over stimulation

Best of luck , sorry bout the bad lingo I'm not in a good mood 😀

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