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Deerhunter Avanti Smock

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Want a smock but see everyone slating the RidgeLines for being too hot. A mate has one and likes it but he mainly digs and takes it off to dig just wears it blasting about on the quad etc. I rate all the other Deerhunter gear Iv got but wondered if anyone had one ? Look ok and a fair price.



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I bought myself a Swandri one for stalking and love it, not too warm and silent, I looked at the ridgeline ones at the lowther game fair, I bet they can get a little hot, ok if you are sat waiting for ducks or static hunting, high seat and such,

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Have a look on "fortis clothing" they have some excellent gear on there. It's grea quality and a good service


My experience of their service is that it's a joke and my experience with their clothing is that it doesn't last a season. I've got a pair of their Falkland trousers which I would happily give away. Well made perhaps, but piss poor performance.

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