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Think We Picked The Best Day

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had a call offf a farmer friend asking if i could move some bunnys off a blackthorne edge he had cleared last week so i decided to take the dog and netts + the son in-law the edge was about 300 yards long with about a dozen warrens on rangeing from 4 to 10 holers all the brash had been cut back so that was a bonus the down side was signs of babys with realy fine dust on the entrances .started off on the bottom of the hill and worked our way up the hill these rabbits flew out they havent seen a ferret only 4 digs at 3 ft the most we called it a day just before the bad weather came 2ish with a total of 17 very large healthy rabbits and 7 babys about 1 week old the ferrets killed a few below ground but soon left them farmer very happy
cheers to paul for sorting a sale of these rabbits



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Well done looks like you had another good day out on the rabbits. :thumbs:

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