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Working Lakeland Terrier At Stud

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Sounds right to me too, if your after a B&T, drop the bloke a pm and find out what its done and how it's bred.

We get few stud offers for decent working terriers on here, so when one comes up and your looking for a stud, or after a pup from working stock, do your homework and use the damn thing before it bites the dust...!

And no, i dont know the bloke either..!!!


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A know the man and the dog, you hear all sorts of crap on here people moaning about guys studding young dogs, now it seems theres even something to say when old proven dogs are studded out aswell, is there an age on here that wouldn't get irrelevant comment filling the topic? Seems the trend on here now every post somebody writes something instead of letting people get on way things the sites going down the pan.

That's why most guys who have been at this game a long time stay in the wings now and say nothing,its not worth the hassle.This was a top class offer 11 year old dog at stud for 50 bucks,not many of them dogs available anymore and people slate the owner.If the dectractors have better lets see them.

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