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Stink Pit / Midden

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Hi There I'm looking for a bit of advice from you if you don't mind. I run a small shoot for me and a few mates, put down a few pheasants and partridge. The wood has a public walk way along the farm road ( the River Ayr walk ) I've got problems with some poachers just now using lurchers on the Foxes and Deer. As a result I've got a few lamp shy foxes going around I've got snares set on the usual places but wanted to erect a stink pit / midden in the wood. There is a badger set on the neighbouring farm but no signs of badgers on my ground never seen any in the lamp ether and no signs of them crossing through the fence also the snares are set at 10" high all legally tagged too with my number. I'm looking for advice on best ways to erect and use a stink pit / midden. Bait isn't a problem as I'm a poultry farmer. Is it basically a wire structure that an animal can't get hung up on or am I better using brashings. Many thanks for your help. Andrew.

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Personally iv never been a fan of large stink pits, they provide a hot spot for antis to film and take pics....even when done correctly. I used to make holes and passages under dry stone walls surrounding plantations,each with a snare in place but not set. I'd place a dead chicken/game bird carcass on the plantation side of each run....when I got a regular taker I'd set up that one snare. I found I could take as many foxes this way as running a hundred random snares.


....this is before I decided snares were evil and foxes wernt the devil incarnate...I eventually concentrated on cover and habitat, only killing foxes as they became a problem, knowing I already had them feeding confidently and not lamp shy as I'd reduced our own lamping pressure. :-)

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No need for stink pits ,lure etc find the runs they are using and set the snares on the runs . They are running the runs anyway so no need to bait up .and when caught keep setting either side of the catch circle there will be more than enough lure there left from the fox that has been snared previously . :yes:

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What about the old rabbit in a bucket trick!😉


Get a plastic bucket (or buckets) with a lid, bore some small holes in the bottom, fill with whatever meat you can get, rabbit, scraps from butcher, or whatever you can get your hands on! Hang up off the ground, in area you want to attract fox to!

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i use to run 4 good sized middens and caught a lot of foxes in a BIG plantation where runs were hard to find so just make a midden that is close to your daily travel route..."make the fox come to you"

ive made them from mesh and they aint as good imo brash is better and not built like a fortress ether! just enugh to make him go where you want....and when we could do it then a couple of kill posts inside the midden helped stop him smashing it up to much

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Thanks lads, sorry for the late reply I'm out lamping tonight. There is a public walk way through the middle of the ground and another one at the bottom of the ground along the river basically doubles back on its self. I've got snares along runs at the edge of fields where they can't be seen by the public but I've also got 6 acres of mixed wood and scrub that I was hoping to put a midden in as its hard to find runs in there and it's discreet enough away from prying eyes. Also the old story it's working when I'm not there.

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We're the best place to buy fox lure

In the past i have used fish trimmings from the chippy .Did not make it into a concentrated lure just used it as it was .Make sure its coverd up or the birds will take it all .Good stuff as it is frozen when i got it and the chippy was glad to give it to me as they just throw it away .Only problem it draws other things in also .

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