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Pesters Flash Light ~ Reccomendations, Please?

Guest Ditch_Shitter

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Guest Ditch_Shitter

I know what I like. Shoulder strap. Reasonably water and shock proof. Reasonable, useful beam. Takes the standard mug sized batteries and doesn't fall apart when ye replacing one. Basicly then; A nice, reliable flash light for the job.


I'm currently trying the red, plastic Pifco ones. But the shoulder strap attatchments are complete and utter shit. I mean, seriously! Sling it and it'll be about five minutes before the damn thing detatches and the casing smacks itself open and / or the entire reflector and 'electrics' shoots off. In short; They self destruct and explode!


What else is there? I don't mind paying out for a good tool. Just as long as it Is that and not something I'll be replacing before this bloody season's out.


Oh, and just to repeat: I personally just hate Rechargables. I'd sooner just buy and carry a spare battery and bulbs - as I do now.


Thanks :)

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I know they aren't as popular these days, but I still use a maglite 3D for general inpection work. They are pretty much indestructable, and it doubles up as a priest. The maglite fits in my bag, or can be dangled off one of those belt loops.


For roof spaces, or places where something more powerful is needed, I use a cluliter classic (rechargable)


I hear that some of the more modern LED type torches are the dogs - but have no experience yet. I also carry a UV blacklight torch for use with flourecent tracking powder - a fantastic tool. I have just got some of the new flouro bait to try from Killgerm, which is an interesting product.

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Guest Ditch_Shitter

Naah. What it is, Matt; I like having mine slung, mate. I find that way I can just wander about with my hand almost unconciously on it and keep it pointing where I'm going. Yet still leaving both hands, effectively, free. Thing - I find - with a held torch is that I end up with my key in one hand. Opinel (slug despatcher) in the other ..... It's quite enough to put those two down as I mess with the box - then remember to pick them up again. Throw in reaching for a pen and it all just becomes a bit of a drama. With a shoulder slung light, I simply stand up, drop my left hand to it and off I go again :)


Just one of those personal preferances of style, I guess? Like, even as I sit here relaxing, I have my Killgerm AF key in my left hand pocket. It lives there. See how I can now reach for that without even thinking about my slung light? I just want a better slinger.

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LED's are the way to go Ditch, I use a head torch.... does away with the need for a sling and whenever I look at something the light does to. Mine has a 30 meter main and three dimmer settings for close work and the batteries last for over a 100 hours. Attic spaces are real easy with these and more hygenic to cause you don't have to touch it to point it where you want when handling poisons.


Just a thought



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