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Evening chaps, changed the bands on my R10's, both sets had started to fail at the pouch ends,so thought i would try tubes for a change, the oak/ply one Lime Dub Dub, slate one Dangkung 1845, so far really impressed with them, the dub dub has plenty of power using 9.5mm bb's very very fast, good comfortable draw weight, the dangkung bit lighter draw but still bb's flying out. I've been practicing in my workshop at 8m distance, my accuracy has improved so much this past couple of weeks, still can be frustrating at times, but enjoying the practicing. I can tell by less amo in the catch box to destroy the bean cans.

ATB Chisler


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Once again been experimenting with different tubes, I purchased some MSD green tubing 4mm id/ 8mm od, quite a heavy draw to it, shooting 10mm leads and 12mm's, loads of power their, will be confident to use when I start hunting. there also comfortable with 9.5 steels flying out. It seem to me more power from them than the Rolyan Tubing Lime green 4.8 id / 8.5 od I've previously used . I got a feeling they will last longer as well.

Apologies to the seasoned shooters out their who have already got this sorted, as said I'm a newbie, thought I might share my experiences to other newcomers to the sport/hobby. Keep on practicing


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I understand what you mean about looped over single, I'm using 2050 drab green loops on my slate one, I can now say I much prefer them to the single, I'm finding it helps me having 2 frames of the same design, this has helped to compare the different set ups, the 2050 shoots really nicely with a comfortable draw to boot.

cheers for the input

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"MSD is the brand name, got it off evilbay,"


Thanks for the info...will check them out. Agree 'evilbay'!


I've experimented with looped orange dub dub and green theraband....but prefered single tubes in the end. I've not tried the Dankung set up, but am open minded - so will put it on my list of things to try.


Update: Have tried green , blue and orange dub dub, Theraband red and green tubes - including looped and tapered set up, My conclusion: Theraband green (single tubes) works the best (for me) for medium sized ammo - such as 1/2 steel...It needs a bit of work to get it to optimum performance. But the result is a nice draw with accurate shooting and enough oomph to hunt small game. I currently think dub dub may be over rated.

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