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Out Again With The S400

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Well the weather was nice tonight with only a little breeze so I thaught I'd have another mooch as I need to thin the rabbits out on this particular perm as it is alive with them

I did take my home made iscope to see if I could get sum footage but I made it when I had my hw 100 and I wasn't having much luck with it

I fact I missed the first 5 or 6 so that went back in my pocket

It was about 7:15 when I got there and decided to head to the spot I was at last night but try and come from a different angle, it worked and I shot 6 from the fence line as I'd stalked up the hill to the fence at the top which over looks the field, I missed a jackdaw in that field aswell so decided to head back to the van and go over the road to the other side of the perm, on the way back I spotted a rabbit behind a thistle at about 40 yards I took the shot freestanding and the little 1.77 acupell ft hit home in the back corner of its eye and it didn't even kick,I missed another half grown 1 on the way back to the van

I refilled the gun (with a pump)😱 I forgot how much hard work a pump is anyway I crossed the road and set off again

I stalked up behind a stone wall and looked over, there was about 8 within range but the black 1 stood out so I shot that first at 47 paces then managed another 2 from that spot

I walked along the top of the field near the treeline and managed a few more

I then met a guy off here who was also out with his hw 100 and we had a bit crack and I was on my way

A few had came back out so I shot a few more til I reached the spot where I'd left sum rabbits

I gathered them up for a photo and relized there was 20 so with them plus the 6 on the other side and 1 on way back to the van

Another 27

Oh and the cows were nearly standing on my gun when I taking a photo

Atb rc






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Nice going mate,

you must be "up the dale" looking at the cow pic.

doing well to get a perm in this neck of the woods

keep the write ups coming


regards John

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